Jul 20, 2011

Posterous and Blogger Features

On 20 July 2011 00:23, nina.lyulkun@gmail.com <nina.lyulkun@gmail.com> wrote:
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Hi Vance,
As to RSS I do know too little about it.

As to Blogger, yes it is possible to post right from the email account. I like this feature of Blogger as well as of Posterous.

In Blogger: settings ==> Email&Mobile ==>scroll down to Posting Options
add  secretWord and check Publish emails immediately
 That's it.

The best,
Hi Nina,

Thanks for your comment. When you say Blogger has this function, which one?  I don't think it posts from email does it? That's a nice feature of Posterous, really facilitates interaction.  Also, you can podcast with Blogger but as far as I can see you need to host your media elsewhere.  Posterous hosts your mp3 files.  But the downside it it doesn't seem to have enough bandwidth to deliver them.  It streams them ok, but I'm having trouble accessing the RSS feed.  If  you have feedback let me know your experiences.


Nina Lyulkun (Ukraine)

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